Thursday, May 30, 2013

The First GYP in the Blogosphere Post!

Welcome to GYP in the Blogosphere! Basically, what these posts will include is me flailing around about some GYP related post from our fans! I am warning you NOW that I LOVE GYP (obviously or I wouldn't have basically signed my life away to Jenn, JUST KIDDING, I LOVE YOU!) and I'm especially fond of "Dear Jeff". I really do refer to him as Dear Jeff almost exclusively. So anyways, if you happen to post or see any fun posts that are GYP related/themed/whatever please, PLEASE either email them to the GYP Street Team email addy or tag us via Twitter! Jenn has nicknamed me the "Unapologetic Twitter Whore" because I literally live on Twitter. I spent all of the YA Crush Tourney nomination week switching between my own Twitter handle and the GYP handle - no joke, I literally checked the damn thing every half an hour (really, it was probably every five minutes). Anyways, back to the point. Please let me know of any GYP related posts! So onto this week's TWO features!

Our first features comes to us from Angela at Reading Angels

Angela put together an AWESOME GYP Survival Kit! I know, EPIC, right?! Here's the link to the entire post.

Here's the GYP specific part!

1. Buffy - It's time for another rewatch!! 
2. Notebook and Pen - you have to take notes to keep up with Kate
3. Chapstick - all that kissing may leave you in need of this item

So as if that wasn't enough excitement, I have another GYP inspired post from Ginger-Read Reviews.
Honestly, I'm going to stop right here and give wild applause and flail around like an idiot because this post specifically highlights my FAVORITE GYP character, the dark goddess herself, Jillian Ramsey. HELL YEAH! I'm going to post a snippet and then you should click on the link below and see the WHOLE post! Okay GO!
Look at it, LOOK AT IT NOW!

Jillian Ramsey

Jillian has got to be one of the best characters ever written.  I think I described her in one review as part cat, part ninja, part super model and part...I don't even know...someone really smart. Einstein maybe.  But that really doesn't do her any justice. At all. Whatsoever. 

She's only twelve but has the intellect of, well, geniuses. She looks like a Barbie doll, dresses more like some sort of biker goth and moves like a freaking wraith.  Really.  You never know she is even there. But she is, she is everywhere and knows everything. Everything.

She is also hilarious, which just adds to her appeal.  As if she needed that on top of everything else.  

Her Facebook alias is Invisible Nightmare

Jillian comes off as nothing but smart and tough in Shark Bait but she shows a much more vulnerable and caring side in The Other Fish in The Sea.  Again, as if she needed more appeal...I dare anyone to not fall in love with this girl.  She is amazing. I don't even know what else to say.

SO that about wraps up our first GYP in the Blogosphere post! Again, please send any fun posts you see my way, and don't forget, you can also send your very own GYP posts to be featured!

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